Crown of Renewal (#5)

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The mysterious reappearance of magery throughout the land has been met with suspicion, fear, and violence. In the kingdom of Lyonya, Kieri, the half-elven, half-human king, struggles to balance the competing demands of his heritage while fighting a deadly threat to his rule: evil elves linked in some way to the rebirth of magic.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring kingdom of Tsaia, a set of ancient artifacts recovered by the former mercenary Dorrin Verrakai may hold the answer to the riddle of magery’s return. Thus Dorrin embarks on a dangerous quest to return these relics of a bygone age to their all-but-mythical place of origin. What she encounters there will change her in unimaginable ways—and spell doom or salvation for the entire world.


“Moon offers convincingly realized characters persuasively shaped by the extraordinary richness, depth and texture of the world they inhabit and the low-key yet knotty problems they must confront. So mesmerizing is the narrative that it’s a sad surprise having to emerge into the mundane world at story’s end. While fully satisfying, this conclusion leaves ample scope for further embellishment or spinoffs: excellent news for all concerned. Such is the allure of an extremely talented writer at the height of her powers.”

Kirkus, Starred Review

“Far more cerebral than action-focused, with layered plots tying up most of the threads among the main characters […] the conclusions are satisfying and almost meditative amid multiple new beginnings.”

Publishers Weekly

“The depth of each character’s emotions and the continued intricacy of the political, social, and magical interactions show the author’s writing power. This book will please those who are familiar with Paksenarrion the Paladin but will still leave readers hoping for more.”


“The work [stands] on its own, and while CROWN OF RENEWAL may be the final book in this particular series, there is clearly still room in its world for more stories. The fifth and final novel in the Paladin’s Legacy series, this work resolves long-standing issues in a suitably dramatic manner that should satisfy readers new to the series and those who have followed it from the beginning.”

RT Book Reviews

“CROWN OF RENEWAL (and the five books which comprise Paladin’s Legacy) proved once again that Elizabeth Moon provides me with novels I enjoy and find satisfying from character and (mostly) plot perspective. In other words, throughout, I found this to be a dependable Fantasy series that delivered an immersive and enjoyable reading experience […] Paladin’s Legacy is series of long, ultimately rewarding and enjoyable novels. Recommended.”


“CROWN OF RENEWAL is understated and, because of that, a rather impressive contribution to the fantasy canon.”

Thinking About Books

“I’m definitely hooked! […] A well written continuation of the story of the Eight Kingdoms […] Heroic epic fantasy fans will be all over this series.”

Book Spot Central

“A highly satisfying resolution […] It’s a fascinating continuing saga of myth and magic.”

Another Universe