Cult Classic by Stephen Blackmoore

Cult Classic (#9)

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The past is coming for necromancer Eric Carter—and the rest of the world—in the latest novel in the darkly comic noir fantasy thriller series

Eric Carter has lost his head.

Well, not his head in particular, but rather the incredibly powerful talking head (seriously, that’s all it is) known as the Oracle of Las Vegas, which Carter himself made. The Oracle has always had the ability to affect the future to make its “predictions” come true. But now it’s playing with the past.

All over Los Angeles, realities are colliding—historic buildings appearing, city streets turning to orange groves, scores of Prohibition-era corpses popping up and eerily chanting in unison—and it all seems to be linked to a century-old cult of apocalyptic lunatics who are just about ready to cut loose.

Now, with the Oracle trying to kill him in a variety of creative ways, his few allies growing more impatient, and a seriously out-of-control rookie cop/mage as his unwanted shadow, Carter must find a way to stop his own creation from unleashing complete and utter destruction.


"If this is our last ride, well, it was an excellent one: a gory, squishy, urban fantasy thrill ride with the dark, horrific treasure that is Eric Carter."

Shiri Weinbaum Sondheimer