Cup of Blood (#0.5)

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When a corpse turns up at his favorite tavern, Crispin Guest—disgraced knight turned detective—begins an inquiry, but the dead man turns out to be a Templar knight, an order thought to be extinct for 75 years, charged with protecting a certain religious relic which is now missing. Before he can begin to investigate, Crispin is abducted by shadowy men who are said to be minions of the French anti-pope. Further complicating matters are two women: one from court with an enticing proposition, and another from Crispin’s past, dredging up long-forgotten emotions he would rather have left behind. And as if all that weren’t enough, a cunning young cutpurse by the name of Jack Tucker has insinuated himself into Crispin’s already difficult life. The deeper Crispin probes into the murder, the more it looks like the handiwork of an old friend turned adversary. With enemies from all sides, Crispin has his hands full in more than murder in this intriguing prequel to the acclaimed series.

Cup of Blood finaled for the Bruce Alexander Historical Mystery Award and semi-finaled for the M.M. Bennets Historical Fiction Award.


“Steeped in vivid historical detail, focused on a heroic protagonist and structured toward a shocking and shattering climax, CUP OF BLOOD cements Westerson’s bona fides as a master of medieval murder.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch

“I enjoy the journey the Guest novels invite the reader to take with each new installment. Westerson has a knack for writing characters with whom we can readily identify and for bringing 14th century London to life. Her characters, real and imagined, live and breathe. This is historical fiction with a difference, using a 20th century literary convention (noir) to add a new dimension to history. I so look forward to the next one in the series.”

Kings River Life Magazine

“The complex, swift-moving plot unfolds against a realistically detailed atmosphere of 14th-century London […] It would be hard to improve on this exceptional historical mystery. Whether you’re approaching the Crispin Guest series as a seasoned veteran or as a newcomer, this latest entry is great fun to read.”

Reading the Past