Curse of the Kissing Cousins (#1)

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The cult classic sitcom, Kissing Cousins, lasted only a few seasons, but its cast is having an even harder time surviving. In the past three months, three Kissing Cousins costars have died under suspicious circumstances. Boston-based celebrity journalist, Tilda Harper, would say that’s a wicked big coincidence.

As a freelance reporter for entertainment magazine Entertain Me! Tilda already has good reason to investigate the deaths. But she’s also a fan of the show, and if the killer’s pattern holds, Tilda’s favorite actress, Mercy Ashford, will be the next to die. Tilda wants to warn her, but Mercy has been off the air—and off the grid—for decades.

With the help of a super fanboy and a sexy bodyguard, Tilda must get to the bottom of the so-called Kissing Cousins’ curse. Is the killer someone tied to the show? A deranged fan? Or could it be Mercy herself? One thing’s certain: if Tilda doesn’t solve this case soon, the only Kissing Cousins reunion she’ll see…will be in the obituaries. 


“Sassy Tilda, taking the reins from Kelner’s usual sleuth, Laura Fleming, presides over an overburdened plot laced with Hollywood tidbits that may please trivia fans.”


“Kelner depicts Tilda’s search for the elusive actress as a merry chase through cyberspace and stacks of dusty magazines, adding in a little romance with sexy bodyguard Nick Tolomeo to keep things humming.”

Publishers Weekly

“[A] suitably dramatic climax and then all is explained in an equally satisfying denouement. This is a light frothy contemporary mystery with an engaging protagonist and it will be interesting to see where Kelner takes Tilda and the series in future books.”

Gumshoe Review

“[A] pleasant read with characters just begging for another book.”

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