Daemons are Forever (#2)

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For centuries, the Droods have been fighting the monsters in the shadows so that the rest of you lot can go about your everyday lives. These days, I’m the head of the family, and it’s fallen to me to deal with a bit of a mess left over from World War II. 

Seems that back then the Droods made a pact with a bunch of demons known as the Loathly Ones to fight some really nasty buggers called up by the Nazis. Once the war was over, we couldn’t get rid of them. Now they’re calling their masters to invade and destroy our world…and we Droods are the last, best hope of stopping them.

I’d say that the world is in a major lot of trouble.


“Fast and energetic […] Green loves the wide-screen splash of cinematic battles against zombie hordes, and genuine traces of tragedy and nobility underlie the nonstop punning banter and pop culture references, lending surprise nuance to this merry metaphysical romp.”

Publishers Weekly

“Green supplies some much needed tongue-in-cheek humor to a genre that often takes itself too seriously.”

Library Journal

“A fantastic story. The action is fast paces, and the dialogue is clever and amusing. This book is a delight from beginning to end, and readers will eagerly look forward to the next in the series.”

RT Book Reviews

“Rivals anything out of [Ian] Fleming’s imagination […] Green delivers on the high-stakes action/adventure in this new Eddie Drood tale.”


“Full of sharp twists and sudden curves, a roller-coaster of a storyline thta manages to pull out more than one surprise when you’re not looking […] Simon R. Green [is] doing what he does best, and delivering yet another high-octane performance.”

Green Man Review

“A page-turner from beginning to end. One of those that draws you in so tightly, you cannot let go until the very end, and even then you want more.”

Affaire de Coeur

“Showing no signs of slowing down […] Simon Green has hit the mark once again with this series and it’ll be interesting to see where it takes us next.”


“Green has created an amusing and entertaining mythos for this series, full of magical peoples and things. The hero is likable if not particularly memorably, indecisive but committed, and naturally we know that he’s going to end up on top of things. The journey in this case is more important than the destination, and Green provides his usual light but effective style throughout. Not the least of its advantages is the fact that the series is still new enough to hold some surprises.”

Critical Mass

“We liked this book immediately […] told in a fun, fresh style with some surprisingly hefty battle scenes. It’s great fun.”

SFX Magazine

Awards & Accolades


#4 debut Neilsen Bookscan Hardcover Fantasy Bestseller


#12 debut Neilsen Bookscan Fantasy Bestseller