Dancers in the Dark

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Trying to outrun her troubled past and outwit the dangerous ex-boyfriend who nearly killed her, Layla Rue le May has been laying low, quietly rebuilding her life as Rue, and hoping to stay anonymous. When she takes a job as a dancer and is partnered with Sean, a three hundred year old vampire, she soon discovers how hard it will be to conceal her secrets…and her passion. 

Sean has learned to spend eternity on the sidelines, never getting too close to anyone. Isolation has been the only way to protect himself from the pain of his past and his often uncontrollable passion. Yet the beautiful and mysterious Rue has captivated him and his fiery attraction to her is unstoppable. 

As the intensity of their connection grows stronger, they find themselves enraptured, losing themselves to the dance, and to each other. After Rue’s stalker returns with revenge on his mind, Sean turns into much more than Rue’s immortal dance partner; he becomes her guardian. Rue must find a way to hide in plain sight and to protect her future with Sean from the terrible life she left behind.

From Charlaine Harris, New York Times bestselling author and multiple winner of the Anthony, Sapphire and Romantic Times Awards, comes a compelling story of suspense, romance and unforgettable passion.

The novella Dancers in the Dark originally appeared in the anthology Night’s Edge.


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