Dead Over Heels (#5)

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In this mystery from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris, part-time librarian Aurora “Roe” Teagarden lands smack in the middle of a baffling murder case—when death comes from out of the blue…

Roe never liked Detective Sergeant Jack Burns, but she never wanted to see him dead—especially dropped from a plane right into her own front yard. Luckily, even Lawrenceton, Georgia’s finest know that Roe couldn’t possibly be in two places at once, so her name is crossed off the suspect list. 

But then other strange things happen around Roe, ranging from peculiar (her irascible cat turns up wearing a pink ribbon) to violent (her assistant at the library is attacked) to potentially deadly (her ex-lover is stabbed). Clearly there is a personal message in this madness that Roe must decipher—before it is too late…


“Harris’ gossipy, just-between-us-girls style is as ingratiating as ever.”


“Infectious prose, engaging characters, crafty plotting; recommended.”

Library Journal

“A delightful book […] a thrilling and colorful American cozy. Charming secondary characters and homely sub-plots abound, making this and the preceding mysteries worth reading.”

The Midwest Book Review

“A rollicking whodunit.”

Buffalo News

“You are in for a treat […] Harris is a first-rate writer, and the tongue-in-cheek humor, together with the heroine’s captivating personality, make these stories very, very enjoyable.”

Pen & Dagger

“Harris’ love of life, mysteries, most things Southern and the inevitable and saving humor found in everyday life and not so everyday events colors another welcome adventure in this delightful mystery series.”

Mostly Murder

“A good old down-home Southern style mystery.”

The Pilot

“A thrilling and colorful American cozy.”

Ed’s Internet Book Review

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