Deathstalker Coda (#8)

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Lewis Deathstalker has succeeded at the impossible: he’s found Owen Deathstalker, presumed dead for the last two hundred years. Owen’s return strikes a crippling blow to the Empire as his military joins the rebellion. But Owen himself has a larger mission. He — and according to prophecy, he alone — must travel back in time to stop the steadily advancing Terror before the galaxy is destroyed, leaving his descendant Lewis in command of the growing rebel army.

Even as Emperor Finn Durandal’s empire is on the brink of annihilation from the Terror, he will do anything, no matter how evil, to retain power. Lewis is equally determined to take Finn down and restore the rightful ruler to the throne.


“Action, characterization, and ethical dilemmas all balanced and mingled in a way to keep readers turning pages.”


“Green’s ingenuity and sarcastic prose style keep readers from getting grossed out by the bloodshed or bored by tired space opera theatrics.”

Publishers Weekly

“Green has created an amazing universe that stretches light years into the far future. DEATHSTALKER CODA provides a very satisfying conclusion to a highly enjoyable series.”

RT Book Reviews

“Thankfully, DEATHSTALKER CODA is one of those books that has quite obviously been written to entertain you, the reader, rather than simply indulge the writer. CODA bounds forward at a terrific pace […] always keeping its focus on the characters rather than impenetrable technobabble. [Green's] prose sparkles with wit, great dialogue and a genuine sense of place. CODA retains the sense of adventure and high spirits that so many epics lose when they drown in their own backstory. You really shouldn’t start the series here, but you’d probably enjoy it even if you did.”

SFX Magazine

“An epic crescendo in this final installment. Green uses every trick in his extensive repertoire in constructing this ultimate Deathstalker adventure. Highly recommended.”


“DEATHSTALKER CODA is the latest, last, and possibly even the best installment of Simon R. Green’s sprawling space opera, a story overflowing with over-the-top action, memorable characters, bizarre twists, unexpected revelations, monumental battles, huge armies, and visceral fight scenes.”

SF Site

“Fans of Simon R. Green’s Deathstalker series will find the latest a ‘must have’ conclusion to the series […] DEATHSTALKER CODA is a highly recommended pick and essential reading for any prior Deathstalker fan.”

Midwest Book Review

Awards & Accolades


#6 Locus Bestseller List


#6 Barnes & Noble Bestseller List (Science Fiction Hardcover)


Romantic Times Award Finalist: “Best SF Novel”