Deathstalker Legacy (#6)

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A golden age doesn’t last forever…

Owen Deathstalker sacrificed everything to topple a corrupt empire and usher humanity into an age of peace and prosperity. Now Lewis Deathstalker, Owen’s descendant, carries on the family name and honor as a Paragon, warriors famed for their skill and heroism who dispense the king’s justice throughout the galaxy. 

However, two hundred years have passed since Owen and his gang of heroes disappeared into legend, and the peace that the Deathstalker bought with his life is quickly coming to an end. Amidst political uncertainty, Lewis’s oldest friend, Douglas, ascends the throne and names Lewis to the archaic, and largely symbolic, role of King’s Champion. But Lewis quickly finds that he has all the bad luck of his famous ancestor and that his old allies have become his enemies. 

Surrounded on all sides by plots and treason with the political situation spiralling out of control, Lewis is exiled from court in disgrace. Now it’s the new Deathstalker’s turn to save the empire with only a ragged band of allies as chaos spreads throughout the empire and threatens to end the golden age.


“An over-the-top masterpiece that veers between brutal comedy and touching riffs on love, loyalty and betrayal […] bloody funny and extremely bloody.”

The Guardian

“Swashbuckling […] rushes from one dramatic set piece to the next […] When Lewis sets off on his heroic quest to locate the original Deathstalker, accompanied by an outrageously diverse band of cohorts, the prospect of another long series of long novels actually sounds like fun.”

Publishers Weekly

“Full of high drama and huge body count […] it’s good fun in Green’s best gory style, and all ends with a cliffhanger escape that promises much more action to come in future volumes.”


“One of the few writers still using the galactic empire as a theme, and he does it to good effect. At times the stories have some of the feel of a fantasy epic, but they’re undeniably sf, rip roaring space operas with dastardly villains, exciting battles, nefarious plots, and strong willed heroes. Take this as an antidote after one too many serious and relevant stories about the human condition.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“A great facility with action scenes [and] dialogue [...] Terrific new characters.”

SFX Magazine

“I would recommend this book if you like your plots sweeping, your characters big and your stories bold.”


“Space opera at its action best. The novel is populated with heroic figures reminiscent of Lancelot and Arthur and villains that make Darth Vader seem like a nice person […] Once again, Simon R. Green has written a work that will appeal to Star War fans.”

Midwest Book Review

“It’s fun, it’s frenetic, and it’s a barrel of laughs. Doubtless not to everyone’s taste, but I can’t wait for the next one. Heartily recommended.”

Infinity Plus

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