Deathstalker Rebellion (#2)

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New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green continues his compelling space opera with the second novel in the Deathstalker series.

Owen Deathstalker—outlawed, with a price on his head and the blood of a mighty warrior lineage in his veins—had no choice but to embrace a dangerous destiny. With nothing to lose, only he had the courage to take up arms against Queen Lionstone XIV.

Now as he gathers his unlikely allies—the legendary washed-up hero Jack Random, the beautiful pirate Hazel d’Arc, the original Deathstalker long since presumed dead, and the alien Hadenmen whose purposes no human can discern—the eyes of the downtrodden are upon him while the freedom of a galaxy hangs in the balance…


“Green makes a virtue of taking everything to extremes, and has a lot of fun […] the action is fast and frantic, even compelling.”


“[A] grand space opera […] fighting, treachery, intrigue, romance, and lots of good plain fun.”

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#9 Locus Bestseller List


#6 Barnes & Noble / Dalton Bestseller List


#8 Walden Books Bestseller List