Deathstalker Return (#7)

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Take a journey through the Age of Heroes…

After falling in love with the king’s intended, Lewis Deathstalker is now exiled, an outlaw from the empire he faithfully served for so long. With Lewis out of the way, former, Paragon Finn Durandal, has led a silent coup to wrest control from the king and set himself up as the power behind the throne. 

But Durandal is not the Empire’s biggest threat. The Terror that Owen Deathstalker prophesied nearly 200 years ago is almost upon them, and Owen is supposedly the only one who can save civilization from unspeakable horrors. Lewis, unwilling to believe that the galaxy’s savior is dead, sets off to the darkest reaches of the Galaxy to find his lost ancestor.

Lewis intends to retrace Owen’s footsteps and overturn every possible lead. But with Finn in control of the empire’s massive forces, he is outmanned and outgunned at every turn. Lewis must stay one step ahead of Finn’s ever-expanding reach if he has any hope of discovering Owen’s fate.


“A fun, twisty romp with surprises around every corner.”

Publishers Weekly

“Have fun. Reading even one Deathstalker leaves one feeling jollier than before.”


“Space opera at its finest […] The motley band of rebels plays off each other with the sharp wit and endearing affection found in the best buddy comedies, and Lewis, with his wry humor, is an engaging galactic Indiana Jones.”

RT Book Reviews

“Space opera on a grand scale done with great talent and a sense of adventure.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Highly readable, with plenty of interesting, fun characters and enjoyable ideas […] Green’s fluid, often tongue-in-cheek style really helps the pages fly.”

SFX Magazine

“A guaranteed blood-and-thunder romp, shot-through with broad swathes of fashion parody, a sustained piss-take on ‘lives of the Rich and Famous’ and the occasional lance of satire. This last is refreshing stuff. It’s mostly aimed at Dictatorship, Fascism, Established Religion, the Toadying Media and so-forth–and it’s nice to find an author who knows that laughter is the most destructive weapon to aim at a repressive establishment. In short, very violent, very funny, very good.”

Infinity Plus

“If you’re in the mood for a cleverly imagined, fun space adventure, then you’ll want to consider strapping in with this.”

SF Site

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#8 Locus Bestseller List (Hardcover)