Do You Know Me

After he’s robbed , Uncle Zeka walks all the way from his bush village to the capital of Zimbabwe to stay with Tapiwa’s family.  He’s excited about his new home–but he can’t seem to break his old habits.  He eats caterpillars and termites.  He teaches Tapiwa how to dig a trap for wild pigs.  And he insists on driving, though he doesn’t know how. The longer he stays, the more trouble he gets into–but Tapiwa never wants him to leave!


“Farmer is clearly a born storyteller–in this impressive first book she displays an astute ear for dialogue, a deft hand with plot twists and a keen, dry wit. Tapiwa could be the girl next door; she is also a most interesting window on a culture seldom seen in children’s books.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“An exaggerated splendidly comic tale enriched by profound undertones”


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