Dr. DOA (#10)

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The name is Drood, Eddie Drood, also known as Shaman Bond. My family has been safeguarding humanity for generations, facing the hidden horrors of the world so you can sleep at night and remain oblivious to the existence of the monstrous nightmares that walk and stalk among us. 

Speaking of predatory night terrors, there is a man who gets away with murder. A man who specializes in removing the problems from other people’s lives, by killing the people who cause those problems. He operates from the darkest shadows of the hidden world, coming and going unseen. No-one knows who he is, just his nomme du muerte. Dr. DOA.

Somehow, this demented doc poisoned me. I don’t know how he did it, when or where, but whatever is coursing through my veins seems to be immune to magic cures and treatments. But that’s not going to stop me from finding him and whoever hired him and give them both a taste of their own medicine…


“While Green’s worldbuilding is pretty much a given in this series, he continues to amaze with his mix of contemporary London and the paranormal London that resides just outside of normal human perspective. New characters — both organic and otherwise — provide not just color, but a dose of wry humor. The first-person narrative works well in this fast-paced outing, but the unresolved ending is sudden. Readers have to wait to see what happens in the next book.”

RT Book Reviews

“Simon R. Green has yet another winner on his hands with DR. DOA! The Secret Histories series artfully blends together the best elements of the urban fantasy and spy genres as Eddie Drood/Shamon Bond is definitely a hero to remember.”

Fresh Fiction (Debbie Wiley)

“This is a great recommendation for anyone who is a fan of supernatural stories; the novel combines a classic spy mystery genre with the incredible paranormal and fantasy worlds which Green has constructed.”

Fresh Fiction (Gabrielle Lee)

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Fresh Fiction: “Fresh Pick”