Fifth Quarter (#2)

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Trained to kill from childhood, siblings Bannon and Vree have only known life as assassins in the Imperial Army. The army is both their mother and father, their lives subject to the whims of the Crown.

When their latest target steals Bannon’s body for his own, Vree saves her brother by dragging his spirit in to share hers. But two assassins in one body is one assassin too many. To save both their lives, they must abandon the only life they’ve known, risking Imperial ire and possible execution, to regain Bannon’s body. It isn’t until after they capture Gyhard, the body thief, that they realize they can’t force him to do anything while he holds Bannon’s body hostage.

But Gyhard is willing to trade Bannon’s body for their assistance. All they have to do — while being hunted for desertion and dealing with an unknown power able to Sing the dead out of the grave — is betray the oaths they’ve lived by and help Gyhard secure the body of an Imperial Prince.


“Good fantasy assassin adventure […] Huff has a lot of fun playing with love, in its many permutations: courtly, lustful, incestuous, parental and selfish […] Huff manages to make this more than just another fantasy adventure.”


“Readers are in for a double treat from DAW this month with publication of another topnotch work from Tanya Huff. [Her] clever tale is sheer delight for the intelligent reader. A consummate craftsman, Ms. Huff always entertains us in a myriad of wonderful ways.”

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“Tanya Huff has penned a masterful second book of Quarters. Her storytelling is excellent, and her characters are well-drawn. The ending is an interesting twist and quite satisfying.”

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