Finding Magic

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Seventeen stories moves from vampiric fantasy to skateboarding versions of fairy tales, to worlds of magic and power we can only dream of.

Tanya Huff has personally selected these seventeen pieces for Finding Magic, her fourth short story collection. They showcase her amazing versatility as she effortlessly moves from the science fiction of “I Knew a Guy Once” to the vampiric “After School Specials” to the fantastic in “Brock” to the humorous “A Woman’s Work….”

Finding Magic includes the previously uncollected stories: “I Knew a Guy Once,” about a bartender, who may be more than just a bartender who knew lots of guys; “He Said, Sidhe Said,” a retelling of a classic fairy tale, with a skateboarding Tam Lin; “Slow Poison,” featuring a chef who exemplifies the hidden dangers of good cooking; “The Demon’s Den” with a very differently abled heroine. In addition to Tanya Huff’s fiction, Finding Magic includes an introduction by Julie Czerneda and an insightful essay by Erica Neely.


“This collection […] celebrates an author praised for smart, funny dialogue, memorable characters and an optimism that’s never naive. […] [a] highly entertaining volume.”

Publishers Weekly

“A great anthology. It has new stuff to draw you in and previous worlds and characters to bring back memories of her other work. If you are ready for a break from reality—with humor—grab this one off the shelf.”


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