A collection of fungal wonders…and terrors. In this new anthology, writers reach into the rich territory first explored by William Hope Hodgson a century ago: the land of the fungi. Stories range from noir to dark fantasy, from steampunk to body horror. Join authors such as Jeff VanderMeer, Laird Barron, Nick Mamatas, W.H. Pugmire, Lavie Tidhar, Ann K.Schwader, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer and Simon Strantzas through a dizzying journey of fungal tales. Feast upon Fungi.

SPECIAL EDITION HARDCOVER: Contains three stories and 10 illustrations not included in paperback or e-book edition.

The White Hands
His Sweet Truffle of a Girl
Last Bloom on the Sage
The Pilgrims of Parthen
Midnight Mushrumps
Kum, Raúl (The Unknown Terror)
Corpse Mouth and Spore Nose
Tubby McMungus, Fat From Fungus
Wild Mushrooms
Our Stories Will Live Forever
Where Dead Men Go to Dream
Dust From a Dark Flower
A Monster in the Midst
The Pearl in the Oyster and the Oyster under Glass
Letters to a Fungus
The Shaft Through The Middle of It All
Go Home Again
First They Came for the Pigs
Out of the Blue
Cordyceps zombii


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