Generation Ship

In this riveting, standalone novel from Michael Mammay, author of Planetside, the beginning of a new human colony must face tyrannical leaders, revolution, crippling instability, and an unknown alien planet that could easily destroy them all.

In 2108, Colony Ship Voyager departed Earth for the planet of Promissa with 18,000 of the world’s best and brightest on board. 250 years and 27 light years later, an arrival is imminent.

But all is not well.

The probes that they’ve sent ahead to gather the data needed to establish any kind of settlement aren’t responding, and the information they have received has presented more questions than answers. It’s a time when the entire crew should be coming together to solve the problem, but science officer Sheila Jackson can’t get people to listen.

With the finish line in sight, a group of crewmembers want an end to the draconian rules that their forebearers put in place generations before. However, security force officer Mark Rector and his department have different plans. As alliances form and fall, Governor Jared Pantel sees only one way to bring Voyager’s citizens together and secure his own power: a full-scale colonization effort. Yet, he may have underestimated the passion of those working for the other side…

Meanwhile, a harsh alien planet awaits that might have its own ideas about being colonized. A battle for control brews, and victory for one group could mean death for them all. 


"An impressively well-balanced page-turner ... propulsive and satisfying."

New York Times Book Review

"Hacker Eddie Dannin is a fantastic successor to Mammay’s (The Misfit Soldier) signature character, Carl Butler, as a blunt instrument who bowls over obstacles in the path of the truth and pushes the story forward at a thrilling clip. Highly recommended."

Library Journal, STARRED Review!

"The idea of generation ships is not a new one in sf, but Mammay's approach and style are unique. Fans of James S. A. Corey's Expanse series (2011) will enjoy this one."

Booklist, STARRED Review!

"Equally entertaining and intelligent, this nuanced tale is sure to please sci-fi fans."

Publisher's Weekly

"GENERATION SHIP is compelling, cleverly written, with a well-characterized cast—this is the kind of book to both keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing."


"If you’re looking for a book that’s more concerned with the people behind the technology than the technology itself, and you care even the slightest about our planet, you can’t go wrong with Generation Ship."

Lightspeed Magazine

"[A] top-notch SF novel that is only enhanced by some of the best characterization you will ever come across. Michael Mammay is an author who I am really glad to have discovered and I am now hellbent on reading his entire bibliography."

Out of This World

"With complex interstellar politics, fully realized characters and a unique ship-bound culture, it’s a story that strikes a difficult balance between the familiarity of home and the strangeness of space exploration. Generation Ship is an excellent science fiction novel that I’m eager to one day revisit. If you’ve been missing The Expanse, you don’t want to sleep on this one."

Winter Is Coming

"Generation Ship is a fantastic political drama about the different players and their motives, and how those can shape the future of a civilisation. I highly recommend this to fans of science fiction, and you bet I’ll load all of Michael Mammay’s work onto my kindle."

Reader at Work

"[A]bsolutely riveting every step of the way"

Reading Reality

"[A]n engaging political sci-fi with points-of-view spanning five different corners of the central conflict. For those who called Battlestar Galactica 'The West Wing in space' and saw it as a compliment, this one is very much worth the read. "

Tar Vol On

"Kim Stanley Robinson meets C J Cherryh in this cutting examination of the fallibilities and frailties of the human spirit."

Richard Swan, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Empire of the Wolf Trilogy

"Generation Ship is a ferocious story of human desperation, boiling with tension and betrayal."

Sunyi Dean, author of The Book Eaters

“Mammay writes compellingly and convincingly about the complex, imperfect, and rocky nature of political and personal change set against the backdrop of a generation ship counting down to its hoped-for destination and what that will mean for everyone aboard.”

Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun

"Anyone who loves military SF with engaging storytelling, well developed characters, and powerful action needs to be reading Michael Mammay."

Joelle Presby, author of The Dabare Snake Launcher

“Michael Mammay's Generation Ship is a masterclass in political science fiction. A political chess match filled with absolute page-turning tension that culminates in an ending which manages to be both bittersweet and hopeful. This was a book that will be stuck in my head for a while.”

K.B. Wagers, author of the NeoG series and Idranan War Trilogy

"Generation Ship has the brilliant political complexity of The Expanse and the American government, while keeping the fun and excitement of Dark Matter. Thoughtful, well-written, deep, and engaging. Familiar to fans of sci fi and of Mike Mammay's voice while watching him take us in a new direction with his craft and storytelling."

R.R. Virdi, author of The First Binding

"Political sci-fi done right! Generation Ship offers a captivating look at an authentic spaceborne civilization aboard a nascent powder keg. Cleverly written, topical, and compelling with a relatable cast of diverse characters, deeply personal stakes, and twisty plot elements that will keep you on your toes."

J.S. Dewes, Author of the Divide Series

"A riveting political drama that had me on the edge of my seat wondering if humanity would survive itself. Tense, twisty, and deeply human--my favorite Mammy novel so far!"

Bethany Jacobs, author of THESE BURNING STARS

"Mammay masterfully balances multiple points of view against one another to chart a sociopolitical puzzle of growing complexity with no easy answers. Succinct prose, deeply human conflicts, and a planet you’ll be flipping pages to race toward alongside the Voyager."

Essa Hansen, author of The Graven trilogy

"A striking, compellingly believable portrayal of political crisis.”

J. T. Greathouse, author of Hand of the Sun King

"A timely political sci-fi thriller that hits frighteningly close to home. Mammay fills the pages with tension and humanity. GENERATION SHIP will resonate with new and old fans alike."

Zac Topping, author of WAKE OF WAR