Ghost Money (#5)

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The Los Angeles Firestorm killed over a hundred thousand people, set in revenge against necromancer Eric Carter for defying the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Carter feels every drop of that blood on his hands. But now there’s a new problem.

Too many ghosts in one spot and the barrier separating them from the living cracks. And when they cross it, they feed off all the life they can get hold of. People die. L.A. suddenly has a lot more ghosts.

But it’s not just one or two ghosts breaking through: it’s dozens. Another mage is pulling them through the cracks and turning them into deadly weapons. Eric follows a trail that takes him through the world of the Chinese Triads, old associates, old crimes. And a past that he thought he was done with.

Carter needs to find out how to get things under control, because if more ghosts break through, there’s going to be even more blood on his hands.


“The breathtaking fifth urban fantasy from Blackmoore [...] Carter’s wry voice is amusing as ever, but the grief he carries is palpable, adding depth and a sense of desperation to this action-packed adventure. Readers will be eager for more after this thrilling, emotionally fraught installment.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Blackmoore’s fast pace and no-holds-barred prose give him a unique place in the genre.”


“Loved this book so much, I’m really excited for more.”

Words I Write Crazy

“Stephen Blackmoore is a master of noir, and a magician at paranormal noir.”

Slippery Words

“Damn, I loved this book. It’s snappy. It’s well paced. It’s […] kind of gross, but in the perfect urban fantasy way (don’t judge).”

The Roarbots

“Eric is a wounded, cynical, dark and sarcastic character but also damaged by life. A character we love to follow!”

Between Dreams and Reality

“The ending of GHOST MONEY was shocking and I find that I am very curious to see what events will take place in the next book.”

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