Ghost of a Dream (#3)

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JC, Melody and Happy Jack are looking forward to working a straightforward case for a change. They’re about to be disappointed.

After the potentially world-altering events of their last assignment, the Ghost Finders are looking forward to working a more run-of-the-mill case. The team has asked to investigate a haunted theatre (aren’t they all?).

The Hayburn Theatre is in the middle of renovations, but work has been thrown off schedule by some peculiar and unnatural activities – standard haunting stuff. But there is nothing standard about the Phantom of the Hayburn, an ancient evil with the ability to alter reality itself. The team will need to push their skills – and luck – to the limit if they hope to leave the theatre in one piece.


“Undeniably a fun, free-wheeling romp with things that go bump in the night […] this is an enjoyable read with slapstick vignettes and cleverly devised situations.”

RT Book Reviews

“Readers who enjoy a roller-coaster ride through a haunted house (well, theater, but I’m mixing metaphors here) will love this novel. Not exactly a hopping-on point, it is nevertheless a terrific continuation of the Ghost Finders’ adventures, with loads of horrors, thrills and shocks to keep readers turning pages long into the night. Recommended.”


“This is straight-up adventure fantasy, with over-the-top plotting, and it’s meant to be fun [...] Make yourself a big bowl of popcorn, put up your feet, and go adventuring with JC, Melody, and Happy.”

Radish Reviews

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