Ghost of a Smile (#2)

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The Operatives of the Carnacki Institute are prepared for anything . . . except this. 

When the Ghost Finders answer a distress call from the private research centre of one of the biggest drug companies in the world, the last thing they expect to encounter is a threat to the building’s very existence. A team of police were called in – but never came out. A national security team followed, but no one’s heard anything from them either.

The Ghost Finders are the drug company’s last chance, but they have the wrong equipment, and no idea what they’re facing – except an extremely tight deadline. Their only chance is to rely on their secret weapon: JC’s very lovely — and very dead — girlfriend.


“[Green] gleefully tweaks the natural fear of experimentation (and the inscrutable motivations of the men behind it), bringing some real-world paranoia into his fantasy-laden playground. It’s a gamble that pays off nicely […] With his Nightside series ending soon, the Ghost Finders books are quickly proving to be worthy replacements.”

Sacramento Book Review

“Packed with creepy thrills, GHOST OF A SMILE is a mighty strong follow-up in this brand new series. Ghost hunting has never been quite this exciting. Recommended.”


“GHOST OF A SMILE is a lovely blend of popcorn adventure and atmospheric thriller, and good for a few hours of distraction and entertainment. That’s one of the reasons why Green’s books always leap right to the top of my reading list.”

Green Man Review

“[With] plenty of actions and chills, this book keeps pages turning even as a feeling of dread builds. The dialogue between the three characters is snappy and humorous, as it hes chemistry between them.”

News and Sentinel

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