Goldie Vance: The Hocus Pocus Hoax

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Prepare to be amazed by Goldie’s second middle-grade adventure! The Crossed Palms is hosting the first ever League of Magical Arts Convention, bringing the world’s most renowned and emerging magicians to the resort, including an overeager part-time magician and detective named Derek Von Thurston. When some of the magic starts to go awry, Goldie — and Derek — are on the case! Can Goldie uncover the saboteur before the final act goes live?

Based on Hope Larson and Brittney Williams’s critically acclaimed Goldie Vance comic, this thrilling novel explores a never-before-seen caper and features 8 full-color comic pages essential to unraveling the mystery.


"A confident young Black gay sleuth, Goldie is a role model for readers who value independent thinking, solving mysteries, and leaping into fast-paced adventures.... Perfect for readers looking for a new female hero of modern crime-solving who isn’t afraid to be her authentic self."

School Library Journal

"The plot moves along briskly with snappy dialogue, good-natured humor, and enough twists to keep readers guessing."


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