Grave Beginnings (#1)

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Detective Vincent Graves has made a habit of dying. Waking up in someone else’s body isn’t pleasant, especially when it’s inside a coffin with tons of dirt pressing down on it. Once he’s out, he learns his soul has 13 hours to find the borrowed body’s killer. 

With the help of a brilliant FBI agent, Vincent’s quest for clues leads to a looming supernatural presence. And escaping the dark threat may be impossible with his ever-ticking clock…

Can Vincent close the case in time, or will a powerful being make him rest in peace for good?


“[A] fantastic read […] If you like monsters and sarcasm, you won’t be disappointed with GRAVE BEGINNINGS.”

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Awards & Accolades


Winner A Drop of Ink Reviews: “Best Book of 2015 Award”


DragonCon Dragon Awards Finalist: “Best Fantasy”