Hell to Pay (#7)

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The name’s John Taylor. I’m a PI, though what I really do is find things that are lost. I work the Nightside, the city within the city of London, where the sun never rises and where the human and inhuman go to get their kicks, provided they’re willing to pay the price in whatever currency the seller demands. 

In the wake of the war that almost brought the Nightside to total ruin, there’s a power vacuum begging to be filled—and some think I should take charge. I don’t agree. Neither does the immortal known as the Griffin. Wealthy beyond reason, he has his own ideas about who should be running things. Still, when his granddaughter—and designated heir—is kidnapped, he calls on me to find her.

But someone—or some Thing—is blocking my special gift. So this time, I’m going to have to do my job the hard way. And quickly, or the Griffin will have to choose a new heir…


“The most entertaining aspect lies […] in anticipating what Green’s twisted imagination will conjure next.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is an absolutely fantastic and compulsively readable entry in Green’s long-running Nightside series. Witty banter, a well-constructed plot and compelling characters combine to make this one hell of a read.”

RT Book Reviews

“As always, Green shines in his over-the-top no-holds-barred action and descriptions of the Nightside’s nastiest, strangest corners […] No one can write quite like Simon Green […] A worthy addition to the Nightside series.”

Green Man Review

“Simon R. Green takes his Nightside series to the next level. With all the mysteries solved in the previous SHARPER THAN A SERPENT’S TOOTH, it was anyone’s guess where the story might go from here. Well, now we know–and it’s dynamite. If you’re looking for fast-paced, no-holds-barred dark urban fantasy, you need look no further: the Nightside is the place for you. With John Taylor as your guide, you know things will never be dull… Strongly recommended.”


“An easy and enjoyable entry into Green’s weird and wonderful world.”

SFX Magazine

“It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of this series from Green, and in this latest tale from the Nightside the adventure is a real treat. Green is a demented and disturbed genius, and I mean that in the nicest way! If I ever need help, I want to call on John Taylor.”

Crimespree Magazine

“Green’s latest is the Nightside series featuring one of fantasy’s most intriguing private investigators, John Taylor. Replete with puns and colorful characters, HELL TO PAY is an easy and painless read. Fans will likely enjoy.”

Black Gate

“Wonderfully imaginative. Green presents some great plot twists, and a few sparkling and quite original concepts. An imaginative narrative, which pays homage to a range of pulp prose. The novel rattles along at such a pace that, if you’re into spoof fantasy, you’ll find it compelling despite yourself.”


“I love Green’s little Night Side novels, they are absolutely tops with me. Each one a quick-reading nugget of fun, chock-a-block with monsters, gangsters, touch talk and good jokes. Here’s the book you pick up to read while you ride on one of them cigar tubes that scoots through the skies, crammed with sweaty Others. Yikes, get me my gas mask and aluminum-foil helmet. I don’t want anybody reading my mind on the plane. They can read their own Simon R. Green novel. Green’s little NightSide novels are the epitome of delightful paperback cheese, smart but not too smart, well-written but not literary. They are tonic to a complicated world that often in fact does demand complicated literature.”

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