Herris Serrano (Volume 1)

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This omnibus edition collects the first three Serrano Legacy books.

HUNTING PARTY: Heris Serrano was destined for a life in the Regular Space Service – until a treacherous superior officer forced her to resign her commission. This was the end of everything that gave her life meaning. But her new life aboard a rich old lady’s space cruiser is nothing like she expected and she is soon fighting for her life.

SPORTING CHANCE: On her first cruise, Heris exposed a sinister ‘hunting club’, where one of the hunters was first in line to the throne. To avoid scandal, Lady Cecelia volunteered to take her nephew the Prince home. His behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Cecelia suspects foul play and once again Heris must investigate.

Heris has at last been offered a chance for vindication and reinstatement in her beloved Fleet – and reconciliation with her family. But it means standing alone against the military might of an interstellar criminal cartel with only a few small ships …


“Space opera meets P.G. Wodehouse in Elizabeth Moon’s HUNTING PARTY, a highly entertaining adventure […] Something for everybody here […] plenty of onboard skirmishes and ground conflict to keep things thrilling.”


“Once again Elizabeth Moon has crafted a fine, rousing piece of space opera […] WINNING COLORS is a prize worth taking home.”


“A spirited space opera that shuns the macho cliches that infest the genre […] Anyone looking for entertainment that’s light without being mindless should love this one.”

Starlog (on HUNTING PARTY)

“Well up to Moon’s solid standard.”


“Exciting space opera adventures.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Gorgeous […] I galloped through them […] I don’t know when I enjoyed a trilogy so much.”

Anne McCaffrey

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