House of Shards (#2)

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One obsessed cop. Two master thieves. A very small island in space. And The Greatest Treasure in the Empire. 

Silverside Station is a small asteroid resort catering to the rich, the famous, and the celebrated—but is it big enough for both Drake Maijstral (the devious hero of The Crown Jewels) and Geoff Fu George (rated the galaxy’s top burglar by the Imperial Sporting Commission), both of whom have set their sights on the Eltdown Shard, a fabulous jewel that captures the light of a dying sun, a jewel that dangles around the comely throat of the Duchess Roberta, a beautiful and dashing heiress who clearly has plans of her own.  

Mayhem and hilarity at the only possible result. House of Shards continues the droll adventures of Drake Maijstral—thief, devout coward, and reluctant hero—as he schemes his way to the top of the ratings.


“A great romp and a good escapist read with a lot of staying power. Maijstral’s definitely turning into one of my favorite characters.”

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