Hunting Party (#1)

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For Heris Serrano, nothing gave her life as much meaning as serving the ruling Familias Regnant in the Regular Space Service. But after defying a vindictive superior officer in order to save the lives of her men—she’s cast off from the crew and finds herself struggling to retain her sense of purpose.

Now, she finds herself in the civilian world and at the helm of the Sweet Delight—an opulent interstellar space yacht owned by the wealthy, powerful and irascible matriarch Lady Cecilia de Marktos. After a disciplined life in the Service, Heris doesn’t anticipate having many problems captaining a flying pleasure palace.

But she didn’t count on her crew comprising some of the most incompetent degenerates she’s ever had the displeasure of commanding. Or that her predecessor had been using the Sweet Delight for criminal enterprises…or that their final destination will bring Heris face-to-face with the man who ended her career.


“Space opera meets P.G. Wodehouse in Elizabeth Moon’s HUNTING PARTY, a highly entertaining adventure […] Something for everybody here […] plenty of onboard skirmishes and ground conflict to keep things thrilling.”


“A spirited space opera that shuns the macho cliches that infest the genre […] Anyone looking for entertainment that’s light without being mindless should love this one.”


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