I Walk With Monsters

In Jacey’s past, the Important Man took away her brother. Now Jacey has David, who sometimes transforms into a terrifying beast. Together, they’ve found a way to live–and to hunt, sniffing out men who prey on the vulnerable. But Jacey and David are about to run into the Important Man again.

From Paul Cornell (Wolverine, Doctor Who, Elementary) and Sally Cantirino (Last Song, We Have To Go Back) comes a haunting story about the monsters that walk beside us all, and sometimes lurk within.


"I Walk With Monsters #1 is a perfect first issue that demands to be read. From the first page, it does everything right and never slips up after it."

Comics Bookcase

"Like other creator-owned books from Vault, “I Walk with Monsters” takes a lot of risks. It’s rewarding to experience an independent comic that evokes so much emotion in so few pages, and is a good example that when done right, comics are an optimal medium for sharing horror stories."

Instellar Intersection

"A strong and harrowing tale which deals with real life issues and dabbles in the world of supernatural beings."

Caffeinated Critique

"Special praise must go to Cantirino, who has created a world as ugly and dirty as the psychology being examined in I Walk With Monsters #1. Cantirino brings out an earthiness to the setting that indicates the messy state of Jacey’s life.... I Walk With Monsters #1 isn’t what you’d call entertaining. It is, however, exceptionally well written. Cornell eschews that blood and thunder a book like this might evoke in the hands of lesser writers."

Major Spoilers

"An engaging, unexpected opening sequence that captivates the reader and establishes the tone, mood, and themes of the series so seemingly effortlessly that you know Cornell and Cantirino put in a lot of effort to tell the story."

Black Nerd Problems

“With engrossing writing of both story and dialogue and beautifully appealing visuals, Vault have picked themselves up yet another winner here.”

Pipedream Comics

"I WALK WITH MONSTERS is a suspenseful tale that sincerely explores the physical and mental damage monsters can inflict on their prey."

Comic Book Yeti

"The art is so fascinating to me. A lot of it feels very realistic. Then we have aspects like the man Jacey has been after, looking like a monster more than a man, or David’s beast, which is a beautiful shadowy creature. The colors are beautiful. The lettering is great, as always."

Wandering Nerdgirl

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