In Our Stars (#1)

Lieutenant Selene Genji has one last chance to save the Earth from destruction in this pulse-pounding science fiction adventure, from the author of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet series.

Earth, 2180

Genetically engineered with partly alien DNA, Lieutenant Selene Genji is different from ordinary humans. And they hate her for it. Still, she’s spent her life trying to overcome society’s prejudice by serving in the Unified Fleet while Earth’s international order collapses into war.

Genji is stationed on a ship in orbit when humanity’s factional extremism on the planet reaches a boiling point, and she witnesses the utter annihilation of Earth. When the massive forces unleashed by Earth’s death warp space and time to hurl her forty years into the past, Genji is given a chance to try to change the future and save Earth—starting with the alien first contact only she knows will soon occur.

Earth, 2140

Lieutenant Kayl Owen’s ship is on a routine patrol when a piece of spacecraft wreckage appears out of nowhere. To his shock, there is a survivor on board: Selene Genji. Once her strange heritage is discovered, though, it becomes clear that Genji is a problem Earth Guard command wants to dispose of—quietly. After learning the horrifying truth, Owen helps her escape and joins her mission.

Together, they have a chance to change the fate of an Earth doomed to die in 2180. But altering history could put Genji’s very existence in danger, and Owen wonders if a world without her is one worth saving. . . .


“Jack Campbell's IN OUR STARS is a wonderful, engaging, often uplifting adventure about caring and doing what's right, no matter the odds or the cost. And the soul of it all is honestly reminiscent of Heinlein at his best.”

Taylor Anderson, New York Times bestselling author

"Space Opera works best when it’s operatic. Big and bold, dark and dramatic, characters and concepts that are cheerfully off the scale. In Our Stars is all of these things, with an extra helping of mayhem, just to keep things tasty."

Simon R. Green, NY Times bestselling author of the Nightside Series

"An outstanding kickoff to a new series, In Our Stars is a heartfelt character study wrapped in a riveting action movie. It delivers everything I want out of sci-fi: fun tech, relatable characters, well-earned camaraderie, and deeply felt stakes. The bond between the two protagonists is inspiring—just two competent professionals who bring out the best in each other while striving to save the world from certain destruction. The contagious optimism and breakneck pace kept me glued to the page, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment!"

J. S. Dewes, author of The Last Watch

“Jack Campbell’s In Our Stars is an explosive start to his new series, introducing compelling storylines and characters grounded in his usual superb portrayal of the way a space navy functions – or misfunctions – under stress. Lt. Selene Genji is uniquely qualified to deal with the sudden appearance of aliens in Earth’s backyard in 2140, but it takes her combat skills and another lieutenant's firm belief to give Earth a fighting chance once it’s been destroyed in the future. Notch this one as a win for military SF fans, time travel aficionados, and general SF readers looking for a story where a potentially prosaic future meets the sense of wonder big time.”

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, authors of the Liaden Universe

"Jack Campbell takes us across space and time as no one else can. IN OUR STARS is a gripping, heartfelt adventure that pulls you in and doesn’t let go."

Zac Topping, author of Wake of War

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