Into the Broken Lands by Tanya Huff

Into the Broken Lands

Bestselling author Tanya Huff presents an all-new world of action and intrigue, where survivors of a disastrous war have outlawed all magic in favor of shared knowledge—but all is not as it seems.

Ryan Marsan was never meant to be Heir to the Lord Protector. But his brothers are dead, and for the first time in decades, the Black Flame that protects his people is flickering. Ryan must retrieve its fuel from the mage-destroyed wastes of the Broken Lands, leading Scholars with more knowledge, warriors with more experience, and an ambitious cousin with the morals of a cat.

His authority rests with the weapon. The only mage-crafted artifice to survive the wars, it responds to the command of the heirs of Marsanport. While its capabilities are mysterious, its brutality is legend.

Except Ryan soon discovers some mysteries are really omissions. The weapon is more than it appears and the Broken Lands will reveal secrets, lies, and the horrors of twisted sorcery. Even his companions hide more than he knows.

With Marsanport’s future at risk, Ryan can only race forward, hoping to survive, keep his friends alive—and see truth where it is, not where he wants it to be…


"Huff's natural dialogue, her eye for the practical, ground-level details, the interaction of her characters, lends humor and wit to the gravity of the whole."

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

"If you like your adventure fantasy spiced with a good dose of introspection and plenty of intelligence then this book is for you."

Blog Critics

"This is a character-driven fantasy at its best: the book is about not just the physical journey the characters go through, but their internal journeys too."

Tea Leaf Reads

"With the unique spoon on magic, mage wars, and the consequences of power plus endearing characters, this novel is intriguing and thought provoking. It is what true fans of fantasy or science fiction long for, a book that questions, makes you consider the answers and think through what the novel is trying to say...I found this one compelling and masterful."

Duncan's Books and More

"Huff is an author that has never let me down no matter the genre. "

SF Crowsnest