Jump Pay (#3)

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The 13th Spacebourne is the elite fighting force of the Accord of Free Worlds. For decades, the Accord tried to keep out of the war that divided the galaxy. But now, they have no choice — it’s fight or die. And the soldiers of the 13th Spacebourne are the “lucky” ones chosen to do it.

Intelligence says the Hegemony is preparing a major invasion of the Accord planets. The only way to head off the invasion is prevent it — by launching a crippling attack on the heavily defended planet where the Hegemony stockpiles ordnance. The Lucky 13th is chosen to spearhead the assault. Heavy casualties are expected. But the soldiers of the 13th don’t just know the odds — they know how to beat them!

Meet the soldiers of the “Lucky 13th” …

Colonel Stossen is the only commanding officer the “Lucky 13th” has ever had. He doesn’t always like what he has to ask his men to do, but he always knows they’ll do it — or die trying.

Lieutenant Dezo Parks has been the executive officer of the 13th ever since his predecessor was killed by an enemy tank. He is next in line for command of the unit — that is, if the invasion leaves him anything of the 13th to command.

Sergeant Joe Baerclau has been a soldier for a quarter of his life through some of the heaviest action of the war. Despite his small stature, he is unsurpassed at hand-to-hand combat … and when his eyes begin to smoulder, his men will follow him anywhere, through anything.

Corporal Mort Jaiffer, the “old man” of his squad, always wears a cap to cover his growing bald spot. He doesn’t trust the new antigrav jump belts … but if they’ll take him into the thick of the action, he’ll take his chances with them.

Private Mal Underwood is the only rookie in his squad, a big man, but young and untested in combat. He is about to find out what the rest of the unit knows all too well — the truth about war.


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