Kings of the North (#2)

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Peace and order have been restored to the kingdoms of Tsaia and Lyonya, thanks to the crowning of Mikeli of Tsaia and the half-elven mercenary Kieri Phelan as their respective kings. But trouble is brewing. Mikeli cannot rule safely as long as the few remaining Verrakaien magelords are at large. And a strange rift has developed between Kieri and his grandmother and co-ruler, the immortal elven queen known as the Lady. Meanwhile, both monarchs are targets of the ex-pirate Alured, who plots to seize their thrones for himself—and to the north, the aggressive kingdom of Pargun seems poised to invade. As threats of war, from without and within, divide the two kings, old alliances and the bonds of friendship will be tested as never before. And a shocking discovery will change everything.


“A healthy dose of action.”


“Action a-plenty, but this series most appeals to readers who enjoy their fantasy more thoughtful and intellectual.”

Publishers Weekly

“Moon’s novels of Paksenarrion have been considered classics since they were first published more than two decades ago. Her storytelling is as electrifying as ever, and her readers should be delighted with this new vista of a well-known world.”


“Moon’s fantasy world is enriched by the author’s personal experience […] gives her work a depth of detail that many other writers lack.”

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

“Close attention to military detail gives the action convincing intensity […] a fiery clash of armies, love and magic that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the conclusion.”

Newark Star Ledger

“A must read […] high recommendation […] Moon does terrific things.”


“The second episode in a splendid new series set in the rich fantasy world of Paksenarrion […] I loved Deed of Paksenarrion, am totally hooked on the new series, and can’t wait for more. Highly recommended.”

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#29 New York Times Bestseller List