Living Dead in Dallas (#2)

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Even though Sookie has her own vampire to look out for her—her red-hot, cold-blooded boyfriend, Bill Compton—she has to admit that the bloodsuckers did save her life. So when one of the local Undead asks the cocktail waitress for a favor, she feels like she owes them.

Soon, Sookie’s in Dallas using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire. She’s supposed to interview certain humans involved. There’s just one condition: The vampires must promise to behave—and let the humans go unharmed. Easier said than done. All it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly…


“Delightful. Harris playfully mixes several genres to make a new one that is her own bright creation.”

Denver Post

“Highly entertaining […] It’s great fun, a light-hearted small-town variation of the same sort of vampire thrills that make Laureel K. Hamilton’s ‘Anita Blake’ novels so popular.”


“One terrific read. Harris has created a charming and winning character in Sookie Stackhouse […] Wonderful characters, an inventive plot, and terrific situations. She has a real feel for the world she has created and allows the willing suspension of disbelief to do its job. Reminiscent of Laurell Hamilton and her Anita Blake series, it also reminds a reader of Tanya Huff’s work and has the same light touch. There is a joy and an innocence about the work that make it very appealing.”


“Harris certainly proves her creativity in a story with an excellent pretext.”


“Harris has created an entertaining and inventive series of fantasy-horror thrillers that deserve to be read […] There’s plenty of intrigue in the well-handled plot.”

SFX Magazine (UK)

“Harris brings off this blend of mystery and vampires better than most.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“You don’t want to miss a single paragraph of this 'Southern Vampire' series. It’s all delivered in well-written fast-paced Southern twang that will keep you turning the pages.”

Cemetery Dance

“Light-hearted and appealing, LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS is a real charmer. The mystery is puzzling, and it’s easy to see why Sookie is so taken with undead Bill!”

Romantic Times

“A delightful mix of the supernatural, romance and mystery genres that create a new and unique work of fun reading.”

Midwest Book Review

“LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS is a fast-paced read that hurtles through one hair-raising adventure after another.”

The Romance Reader

“LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS is […] an entertaining read. The book is fast-paced, and the story line is intriguing. Harris has given her readers a lively romp through a fantasy land that’s grounded in the real world.”

The News-Star

“Her writing style and gift for irony are a cut above most of those trying to find something original in vampire fiction.”

Rocky Mountain News

“Harris is having fun with a mix of horror and humor.”

The Poisoned Pen

“This book is hot! A rousing, hilarious, romantic read!”

Romantic Times Clubhouse

Awards & Accolades


Winner Les Romantique's Award: “Best Heroine”


#2 Amazon SF/F Bestseller List


#8 Locus Bestseller List


Winner Romantic Times Award: “Best Amateur Sleuth Award”


Sapphire Award Finalist: “SF/F Romance”


Pearl Award Finalist: “Paranormal Romance”