Long Hot Summoning (#3)

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It started on the last day of high school, a day Diana Hansen had been anticipating for the last twelve years. Now, her real life could begin.

For Diana, like her sister Claire, was a Keeper—gifted with the ability to reweave the possibilities of time and space to maintain the balance between Light and Darkness. What neither Diana nor Sam—formerly an angel, now a cat—could have anticipated was that her first Summons as an active Keeper would be to a shopping mall!

But a quick trip to the Erlking’s Emporium, a gift shop in a Kingston mall, confirmed Diana’s worst suspicions. Not only was Darknesss trying to stage a takeover from the Otherside, but if Diana didn’t bring in reinforcements, her first Summons might well be her last. Claire and Austin—who’d always been a cat and had little tolerance for cat wannabes like Sam—were only too ready to take on their “older and wiser” roles. But neither the Keepers nor their cats were prepared for what they found when they tried to cross from their world to the Otherside mall…


“A fantastic and fun read. Huff delivers raucous action and irreverent characters with attitude.”

RT Book Reviews

“Fresh, witty and amusing. Great reading for a hot summer night.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Clever, quick and tongue-in-cheek, another entertaining, whimsical tale of the Keepers, one that’ll make a great summer read.”

The Greenman Review

"Good fun."


“I love this series and its tongue in cheek satire of modern life, the mall and the minivan; don’t miss it!”


“A guaranteed fun time.”


“A frothy brew of humor, action and magic.”


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