Lord Darcy (Omnibus #1-3)

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Welcome to an alternate world where Richard the Lion-Heart did not die in the year 1199… where magic is a science and science is an art… where the great detective Lord Darcy and the sorcerer Sean O’Lochlainn combine occult skills and brilliant deductions to bring criminals to the King’s Justice and thwart those who plot against the Realm. Welcome to a world where murder may be committed by magic most foul, but crime still does not pay – as long as Lord Darcy is on the case.

Murder and Magic
Too Many Magicians
Lord Darcy Investigates


“Some of the finest fantasy ever written […] Will certainly guarantee him a lasting place in the genre.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Garrett’s best work […] Ingenious, and the world Lord Darcy inhabits is rich and believable.”

A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction

“Garrett’s writing style is as elegant and charming as his setting, and his mastery of atmosphere is admirable […] Garrett’s series is in fact one of the best of the genre-benders, which have proliferated so madly since these tales were first published. The stories deftly combine elements of mystery, espionage, suspense, Tolkienesque fantasy, science fiction, the techno-thriller, CSI-style forensic mystery, and swashbuckling historical romance.”

National Review

“I cannot count the number of times I have read TOO MANY MAGICIANS — each time with the same pleasure.”

Andre Norton

“He has combined the best of the fantasy and detective genres — and made them work as science fiction.”

Marion Zimmer Bradley, World Fantasy Life Achievement Award and Locus Award-winning author of THE MISTS OF AVALON

“Randall Garrett’s most satisfying and enduring literary accomplishment is the Lord Darcy series.”

Robert Silverberg, multiple Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author of NIGHTWINGS and LORD VALENTINE'S CASTLE

“Maddeningly intricate, well reasoned and great fun. His world was as utterly real as his characters, and his mysteries were of the first caliber.”

Simon R. Green, bestselling author of the Deathstalker Saga

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