Lost Transmissions

A fascinating illustrated history of lost, overlooked, and uncompleted works of science fiction and fantasy 

Science fiction and fantasy reign over popular culture now. Lost Transmissions is a rich trove of forgotten and unknown, imagined-but-never-finished, and under-appreciated-but-influential works from those imaginative genres, as well as little-known information about well-known properties. Divided into sections on Film & TV, Literature, Art, Music, Fashion, Architecture, and Pop Culture, the book examines Jules Verne’s lost novel; AfroFuturism and Space Disco; E.T.’s scary beginnings; William Gibson’s never-filmed Aliens sequel; Weezer’s never-made space opera; and the 8,000-page metaphysical diary of Philip K. Dick. Featuring more than 150 photos, this insightful volume will become the bible of science fiction and fantasy’s most interesting and least-known chapters.


“LOST TRANSMISSIONS tracks down some of the best art you didn’t know existed.”

The Washington Post

“LOST TRANSMISSIONS may be the single most perfect book about science fiction ever written.”

Houston Chronicle

“This treasure trove of secrets […] is like a gateway into science fiction’s inner sanctum.


“A delightful potpourri of 80 essays and interviews on all manner of things imaginary, with dazzling complementary illustra­tions [...] Let us applaud LOST TRANSMISSION‘s numerous findings and amplifications, and aspire, like the raw material of Darwin’s magnificent theory, to be ever-adaptable to history’s changes.”


“[LOST TRANSMISSIONS offers] excellent examinations of the genres while shedding a bit of light on parts of their history that aren’t often illuminated.”

Barnes & Noble’s Sci Fi & Fantasy Blog

“LOST TRANSMISSIONS is an informative and wonderfully illustrated guide for the uninitiated seeking to venture off SF’s brightly lit main streets into its obscurer side-alleys.”

Financial Times

"I doubt if anyone interested in our genre is truly expert in all aspects of Science Fiction anymore [...] [LOST TRANSMISSIONS] really focuses on the more obscure information or things you might have heard about but not the current state of play in Science Fiction."


”Boskovich is well experienced in informative books, and uses this to her advantage [...] the amount of research that has been put into LOST TRANSMISSIONS makes this tome a great piece of reference material. This is a must have for lovers of sci fi and fantasy or for people who simply love learning.”

Cultured Vulture

“The essays are accessible and engaging […] there’s a veritable treasure trove to be found.”

AC Wise

“[LOST TRANSMISSIONS] will broaden your horizons.”

Daily Republic