Midnight Never Come (#1)

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The year is 1590. The City of London flourishes, the most brilliant jewel in the crown of Elizabeth I, Gloriana, the Virgin Queen.

The Onyx Court is London’s faerie shadow. Ruled by Invidiana, its heartless queen, it reflects and distorts the glory of the mortal court.

Years ago, Elizabeth forged a pact with her faerie counterpart to secure both of their thrones. Now that alliance is in danger. Michael Deven, a rising star in Elizabeth’s court, seeks the “hidden player” who has influenced mortal politics for so long. Lady Lune, a faerie out of favour, must infiltrate the mortal world to protect her vicious queen. Together this pair will uncover the secret of Invidiana’s power — a secret that has the potential to shatter both realms . . . .


“Stunningly conceived and exquisitely achieved…”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Strong prose, tight plotting, mischievous humor, quick pacing and wonderful storytelling that fully engages the reader.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“I highly recommend MIDNIGHT NEVER COME to readers who enjoy historical fiction and high fantasy.”

Dark Matter Zine

“Marie Brennan’s lush and lovely tale will draw you in at once and not let you go until long after midnight…”

Green Man Review

“What sets Marie Brennan apart, then, is the quality of her writing, the complexities of her plot, the characterisations, the world-building… everything.”

The Book Swede

“A highly-enjoyable mix of Elizabethan and faerie politics and intrigue.”

The Genre Files

“MIDNIGHT NEVER COME returns the fairies to their roots: terrifying, alien, yet captivating at the same time.”

Curled Up

“A historical thriller with a fascinating twist…”

The Bookbag

“A nicely told tale of curses, intrigue, love and faeries […] The story is compelling and well-plotted. The world-building is excellent and you notice right from the start that author Marie Brennan has done extensive research into Elizabethan times and British faerie lore.”


“These are not kinder, gentler faeries. Really they’re not.”

Elizabeth Bear, author of the Locus Award-winning novel HAMMERED and multiple Hugo Award winner

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