Moonbreaker (#11)

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My name is Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Bond, the very secret agent. And I am a dead man walking.

I’ve been poisoned by Dr. DOA. There is no cure, no treatment, no chance of a last-minute miracle. So all that is left to me and my love, Molly Metcalf, is to track down my killer and stop him before he can murder anyone else.

So whether that means fighting a secret army on another world; or searching for a forgotten weapon in the Museum of Unattached Oddities; or facing off against Grendel Rex, the Unforgiven God, in the hidden heart of the Moon, for the terrible secret that is Moonbreaker…I will do whatever it takes, while I still can. Because the game isn’t over till I say it’s over—and I still have one last card to play.


“A rollicking fun outing that introduces readers to even more of the Droods’ particular brand of top-secret adventures and gadgets.”

RT Book Reviews

“With a sharp comedic whit and generous action and sequences, Green appeals to many readers sense of adventure and the dangerous spy game, while also intertwining areas of drama and heartfelt emotion giving readers a mix that will have them coming back to the other stories in the series.”

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