Night Fall (#13)

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The Droods are all about control, making people do what they’re told for the greater good. The Nightside is all about choice: good and bad and everything in between. The Droods want to make the world behave. The Nightside wants to party. They were never going to get along.

For centuries, ancient Pacts have kept the Droods out of the Nightside, but now the Droods see the Nightside as a threat to the whole world. They march into the long night, in their armour, to put it under their control. All too soon, the two sides are at war. It’s Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf against John Taylor and Shotgun Suzie. The Drood Sarjeant-at-Arms and their Armourer against Dead Boy and Razor Eddie. More groups join in: the London Knights, the Ghost Finders, the Spawn of Frankenstein, Shadows Fall, and the Soulhunters. Science and magic are running wild, there’s blood running in the gutters, and the bodies are piling up.

Is anyone going to get out of this alive?


“A splendid riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, conveyed with trademark wisecracking humor, and carried out with maximum bloodshed and mayhem. In a word, irresistible.”

Kirkus, starred review

“Long-time Green fans will be disappointed to learn that this is the last book planned for the two series (after MOONBREAKER, 2017) but will be glad they go out with a bang.”


“In this epic conclusion to two long-running series, the Secret History books (following 2017’s MOONBREAKER) and the Nightside books (2015’s THE BIG GAME), Green pits the Drood family—the secret guardians of humankind—against the denizens of the Nightside—London’s dark heart where anything is possible […] With nods to his other urban fantasy works, such as GHOST FINDERS and SHADOWS FALL, Green tosses in everything including the kitchen sink in one final apocalyptic farewell. This is a worthwhile if not always happy ending for a sprawling cast of colorful characters, and readers will be curious to see where Green goes next.”

Publishers Weekly

“In the middle of the mayhem there are moments of great heroism, sacrifice, romance, and tragedy.”


“Simon R. Green knocks this one out of the ballpark as NIGHT FALL concludes both series with just the kind of urban fantasy mayhem we had hoped for.”

Fresh Fiction