Nightingale’s Lament (#3)

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The name’s John Taylor. I work the garish streets of the Nightside—the hidden heart of London where it’s always three A.M., where in human creatures and otherworldly gods walk side by side in the endless darkness of the soul.

I have a talent for finding things. People…property…no problem. But now I’m after something different.

A local diva called the Nightingale has cut herself off from her family and friends, and I’ve been hired to find out the reason. I’m also wondering why her suicide—prone fans think she has a voice to die for. Literally. 

To get the truth, I’ll have to lend an ear to the most enticingly beautiful and deadly voice in all of the Nightside—and survive.


“The latest installment in Green’s Nightside series is a delight — exciting, action packed, truly suspenseful.”


“Strong characterization of a complicated hero is one of the qualities that makes Green’s series effective. With dark humor and psychological horror he rivals urban horror writers such as Jim Butcher and Christopher Golden. Laurell Hamilton fans should enjoy this series as well.”

RT Book Reviews

“NIGHTINGALE’S LAMENT offers all the pleasures of the previous novels while still seeming fresh […] Green is a remarkably effective writer, and his work here is exemplary. He describes vistas that are astonishing, inspiring and darker than the reader might expect. [...] Simon R. Green is a man who knows what works and delivers […] no less than a perfectly satisfactory reading experience.”

Cemetery Dance

“NIGHTINGALE’S LAMENT is a good addition in the Nightside series.”

The Book Plank

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