Ten years ago, they attacked.

Launching hundreds of weapons platforms throughout the Earth’s solar system, the aliens used not fire or ordnance, but nanogens—biological warfare unlike anything humankind had ever known. Ultimately, the aliens were finally beaten back…but the dying had only begun.

Now living in fortress cities, what is left of humanity hides from the remaining nanogens, while scientists like Alex Denyer work to deactivate the platforms left behind and try to find cures for the dying. When a new platform suddenly appears, Alex’s attempts to understand end with his being infected by a bio-weapon that will literally eat him alive.

But there is a cure—Omnifix. It stops the nanogenic assault cold. As Alex discovers, it also changes the sufferer into a living weapon. And the more Alex changes, both in body and mind, the more he becomes determined to find the truth behind the aliens, the nanogens—and a most dangerous enemy who may be all too human…


“Satisfying action sf, quite suitable for a weekend’s entertainment.”


“Quite cleverly done. Very suspenseful, a good scientific puzzle, and enough plot twists to give the entire novel an original feel.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“A lot of interesting ideas. It is clear Scott Mackay has a lot to say, and the skill to say it.”

NY Review of Science Fiction

“A decidedly Philip K. Dick pose […] a distinctly retro approach to Mackay’s future and an underlying atmosphere of distrust and conspiracy. The combination is gripping.”


“OMNIFIX may appeal to readers who like biotech-themed novels—the damage done by the alien nanogens is brought into sharp focus, with every medical detail fully explored and described.”


“Scott Mackay’s OMNIFIX is the one we’ve been waiting for: the breakout novel that will firmly establish him as a bona fide big name in 21st-century science fiction. This is a terrific book, from first page to last: big ideas, believable characters, great action — it’s all here. Enjoy!”

Robert J. Sawyer, author of Hybrids

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#6 Locus Bestseller List