Once a Hero (#4)

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Fleet Lieutenant Esmay Suiza never wanted to become a hero. After a traumatic, war torn childhood and years of being plagued by nightmares, she is content to spend her years with the Fleet following orders and staying under the radar. Even after she finds herself the leader in a fierce battle against a treasonous captain, and the center of a subsequent military trial, Suiza wants nothing more than to return to the ranks.

Then she’s promoted and sent to the deep space repair ship Koskiusko. Suiza once again finds herself in the heart of danger. The Bloodhorde, a violent group of barbarian warriors, has made plans to sabotage her ship and clear the path for a full invasion. Suiza is thrust into command, leading the revolt against the invaders before a second wave of brutality threatens the lives of her fellow soldiers.


“Over the last decade, Moon has established herself as one of the best-known and most acclaimed writers of SF adventure […] A satisfying read, full of the finely detailed settings and excitement that Moon’s readers have come to expect, and featuring a heroine whose self-doubts and inner strength lend her considerable appeal.”

Publishers Weekly

“Elizabeth Moon succeeds wonderfully […] ONCE A HERO is more than a good read, with excellent world building and appealing characters. It’s a step into a better future for our world.”

Science Fiction Age

“Moon’s dazzling Heris Serrano series related events in a fascinating interstellar milieu […] Moon’s master of contemporary science fiction is evident in every line. the characters spring to life on the page, the intricacies of societies are astutely explored, and the pace never flags. She even achieves the seemingly impossible by deftly making naval maintenance and logistics the stuff of riveting fiction. A replendent addition to Moon’s already impressive catalog.”


“Moon involves her readers with the extremely likeable Esmay and her problems quickly. The story’s solid hardware aspect never overshadows the human element, but remains an integral part of the tale. There’s also enough deftly inserted social detail to show that there’s a world beyond Esmay’s concerns [...] [An] engrossing book.”


“An interesting and complex SF/military novel […] exciting and fast-paced.”


“If you have not yet discovered the joys of reading Elizabeth Moon, now is definately the time to do so […] Esmay Suiza stands out as a splendidly enduring character who takes on a wonderful life of her own, hopefully to be seen in many a new adventure.”

RT Book Reviews

“Exciting […] an independent military sf novel in which an underappreciated young woman’s talents save the day.”


“Over the years, Elizabeth Moon has become one of the legends of science fiction, renowned for her off world cultures that make readers feel like they are part of that world. Her latest, ONCE A HERO, is a dlightful tale because of the precocious lead character and the other world settings. Fans of Ms. Moon and the Star Wars series will love this tale.”


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#1 Locus Paperback Bestseller List


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#9 Waldenbooks Paperback Bestseller List