Paths Not Taken (#5)

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I’m John Taylor. I was born in the Nightside, that square mile in the hidden center of London where it is always the hour of the wolf, where gods and monsters walk side by side and where every dark question ever asked can be answered—for a price.

I left for a while, but I did come back, to make my living doing what I do better than anyone else: finding things—lost or stolen, real or imaginary.

Recently, I found the most dangerous thing of all: the true identity of my long-gone mother. Turns out she’s a being who’s been around since before the dawn of history. Then, she created the Nightside—and now, for her own warped reasons, she intends to destroy it.

To stop her before she even gets started, I’ve got to do some hard traveling—back in Time, through endless eons, into the very distant—and probably deadly—past…


“Fans of the Nightside series will enjoy the journey into the past of London’s underworld.”


“A great entrée into the series for new readers and will delight [old] fans […] of the Nightside as well.”

RT Books

“Green’s Nightside novels continue to build, one to the next […] Fascinating new players are introduced […] High Recommended.”


“Green makes this kind of story look deceptively easy and he never fails to deliver an entertaining adventure.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Green weaves the threads from book to book that enrich the series as a whole and make each book better than the one before. With every book in this series Green fleshes out his world more and more. A perfect blend of mystery and supernatural fantasy, the Nightside has it all, superb plotting, witting humor and great dialogue. Full of original and unique characters the Nightside is a place I love to visit. John Taylor is a combination of Magnum PI, Van Helsing and Gandalf only hipper and cooler. Get comfortable before you start reading, because chances are you’ll want to read it in one sitting. I cannot recommend this series enough.”

Crimespree Magazine

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