Forthcoming August 2024

Finch Eaglehawk may seem like an average oddball with a taste for the dramatic and glam-rock musical numbers, but he has a secret. Finch is a PetWizard, with the ability to control the animal kingdom—well, the “et cetera” category of the animal kingdom. While other folks got the cool pets, he was stuck with the naked mole rats, bearded dragons, and boa constrictors of the world. He loves them but yearns for more. With the help of his best friend, Aberdeen, a mysterious new kid named Erica, and an ancient PetWizard manual, Finch will uncover the secrets of his powers, thwart his middle school nemesis, and, most importantly, impress his crush, Ken Chu, the star of the upcoming school musical!

Kirk Scroggs has created a glitter-infused blast of a graphic novel, bursting with hilarious characters, adorable animals, and outrageous set pieces. In what other book will you find a dangerous street gull named Merve, an ancient manuscript written in hamster-glyphics, and a psychedelic rock ballad sung to a pigeon? (Rhetorical question.) PetWizards has all that and MORE!


"The illustration’s Day-Glo aesthetics and exaggerated character designs combine to deliver an atypical superhero yarn. Bizarre yet relatable characters, off-putting yet cute critters, and familiar messages about identity, fitting in, and being oneself ferried via uplifting storytelling make for a goofy adventure."

Publishers Weekly

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