Poppy Done to Death (#8)

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Not just any woman in Lawrenceton, Georgia, gets to be a member of the Uppity Women Book Club. But Roe’s stepsister-in-law Poppy has climbed her way up the waiting list of the group—only to die on the day she’s supposed to be inducted. 

What makes Poppy’s murder even worse are the rumors of infidelity on both sides of the marriage swirling around town. To find the killer, Roe must determine if the sordid stories are true. Suspects abound, and the things she uncovers make her question her own heart, but her passion for the truth drives her on—into the path of the cold-blooded killer.


“Well-established characters, family concerns, wry humor, and small-town busybodies solidify the plot of this delightful cozy. Essential for most collections.”

Library Journal

“Entertaining fare.”


“Tightly written and gloriously twisted, the mystery delights and confounds with each added layer. Harris’ attention to detail and lively prose are thoroughly engaging.”

RT Book Reviews

“A lot of action in this delightful cozy […] POPPY DONE TO DEATH is a terrific cozy, one readers will want to put on their keeper shelves.”

Midwest Book Review

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