Real Murders (#1)

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris introduces a Southern librarian whose bookish bent for murder gets her involved in a real-life killing spree…

Lawrenceton, Georgia, may be a growing suburb of Atlanta, but it’s still a small town at heart. Librarian Aurora “Roe” Teagarden grew up there and knows more than enough about her fellow townsfolk, including which ones share her interest in the darker side of human nature.

With those fellow crime buffs, Roe belongs to a club called Real Murders, which meets once a month to analyze famous cases. It’s a harmless pastime—until the night she finds a member dead, killed in a manner that eerily resembles the crime the club was about to discuss. And as other brutal “copycat” killings follow, Roe will have to uncover the person behind the terrifying game, one that casts all the members of Real Murders, herself included, as prime suspects—or potential victims…


“Clever pacing along with ample red herrings and judiciously placed clues keep the story moving briskly. Let’s hope for another fast-paced mystery featuring Aurora and her friends.”

School Library Journal

“Harris has a knack for writing a compelling mystery […] Written in a snappy, gripping and humour-filled style, REAL MURDERS is a real page turner and the most addicted we’ve been to a book in ages.”

Entertainment Focus

“An excellent story.”

The Chattanooga Times

“First in what I hope will be a long series of adventures starring Roe Teagarden.”

Pen & Dagger

“Teagarden is a quirky but likeable character. Enjoyable from beginning to end.”

Critical Mass

“REAL MURDERS is light and frothy […] Entertaining and unpretentious, Charlaine Harris’s first Aurora Teagarden mystery is a pleasant little diversion from everything else that is going on in the world.”


“This is a fun, quick read. I think one of Charlaine’s greatest talents as a writer is her ability to create a realistic cast of people and places, a great balance to the improbable events that happen […] With summer coming, this is a great beach book.”

Bea’s Book Nook

“A solid, intelligent read!”

Chick Loves Lit

“REAL MURDERS is an exciting who-done-it […] Aurora Teagarden is a special one of a kind heroine who amateur sleuth fans adore.”

The Best Reviews

“REAL MURDERS is a fast paced link between fiction and true crime. Aurora is a heroine more capable than even she knows […] This page turning novel kept me guessing who the killer was right up until the end. REAL MURDERS will keep even the most avid Mystery reader guessing.”

Cozy Book Reviews

“The book was a quick read, fast paced – the murders beginning within the first couple chapters, and unique […] it was a pleasant (in terms of gory details and chilling encounters) introduction into the realm of murder mysteries.”

Reading Runner Girl

“Harris’ story alternately charms and chills, a difficult combination she manages with aplomb and brilliance.”

Carolyn G. Hart, winner of the Agatha Award for Best Novel

“REAL MURDERS has one of the most original premises I’ve ever come across in a mystery, and the whole book is great, bloody fun.”

Barbara Paul, author of the Marian Larch mysteries

“With sharp details of characterization and a realistic small-town setting, REAL MURDERS is a suspenseful, entertaining mystery.”

Dick Langford

“With her customary Southern wit and intelligence, Charlaine Harris returns with a superb third novel. Readers (like me) who adored Harris’ first two novels will find REAL MURDERS well worth the wait. The first of a new series, REAL MURDERS offers a bright, funny, and appealing heroine, and a chilling, compulsively readable plot. A hearty “welcome back!” to Charlaine Harris.”

Dean James

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