Relics of Ruin (#2)

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From a rising star in epic fantasy comes the captivating second novel in a trilogy featuring an unlikely team who must find a way to work together and solve an empire-spanning mystery to defend the last place they call home.

The conspiracy at the heart of the empire has been revealed. The Archivists played a key role in solving a brutal murder and uncovering one of the empire’s longest kept secrets. Now, what’s left in its wake are a series of unearthed artifacts, one shaken city, and the shocking truth not dared spoken aloud. 

Just as the empire has begun to regain normalcy, another mystery unveils itself when a stolen ancient relic is found. Only no one knew that it was missing from its sacred vault in the first place. And now that the real one has been recovered, who replaced it with a fake?

With Quill and Amadea at the heart of another mystery, they will need to quickly follow the clues that all lead back to this new relic.

Because all the while, an old enemy is gathering strength beyond the Salt Wall and the Archivists might come to find there’s nowhere left for them to go but over.


"Evans skillfully expands the world building while exploring the character depths, with delightful twists that resolve some conflicts while setting up the next book."


"Relics of Ruin was a welcome return to a world I have grown very fond of. While some of my questions remain unanswered (for now), it was another twisty mystery that delved into the complicated politics and history of the empire, as echoes of a past coup still cause strife in the present day. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the sequel and eagerly look forward to the finale and perhaps finally seeing what is really happening on the other side of that wall."

Fantasy Book Critic

"Relics of Ruins is astounding, a worthy continuation to what is amping up to be a new favorite series."

Witty and Sarcastic Book Club

"RELICS OF RUIN was another captivating read in this series that left me wanting to keep peeling away the fantastic layers of this story.... I think its going to be one heck of a thrilling ending that cements the Books of the Usurper as a must-read fantasy series for every fantasy fan out there."

Out of This World Reviews

"I will always want to spend more time in this world, and now that we have settled into the magic systems, politics, and more, I am eagerly anticipating the grand conclusion of this series"

Before We Go Blog

"Erin Evans can make the reader care deeply about her characters, offering details and anecdotes, quirks and simple gestures to make those characters so very real. But what makes this book special, even by Erin's lofty goalposts, is the world she weaves around these characters. Detailed and mysterious, a place to explore and relish. Highly recommended!"

R.A. Salvatore, Author of The Legends of Drizzt