Retief: Ambassador to Space (#5)

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How are thing on Rockamorra? Bad, very. Earth Ambassador Pinchbottle has contracted to fight a dinosaur, and it’s up to troubleshooter Jame Retief to keep him from being stomped, mangled, or eaten.
Things are tough on other planets, too, with a civil war on Skweem, a dying race om Sulinore, and mudstorms on Schweinhund’s World.
These seven stories show the Galaxy’s hippest diplomat at his unexpected and jaunty best.

“Giant Killer” (1965) • shortstory;
“The Forbidden City” (1969) • novelette (aka Retief, War Criminal);
“Grime and Punishment” (1969) • novelette (aka Clear as Mud);
“Dam Nuisance” (1966) • novelette;
“Trick or Treaty” (1965) • novelette;
“The Forest in the Sky” (1967) • novelette;
“Truce or Consequences” (1966) • novelette.


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