Rock of Ages (#3)

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After years of struggle, Drake Maijstral has been rated Number One Burglar by the Imperial Sporting Commission. Surely by now he deserves a vacation—and he fully intends to take one, on Earth. But valuable items keep disappearing, and it’s clear that Maijstral, the master thief to end all master thieves, is being preyed upon by another expert burglar. Maijstral would very much like to solve this mystery, but unfortunately people keep challenging him to duels, and he’s become enmeshed in conspiracies laid by two very attractive, very dangerous ladies. And to make things worse, the corpse of Maijstral’s father has been stolen—a corpse that is dead, but still senile.


“Literate farce is still a scarcity in science fiction. That’s why this third volume in the continuing series about Majistral, the Number One-rated allowed burglar in the Human Constellation, is such an amusing find […] The plot moves briskly from underwater palaces to holy Graceland (a marvelously silly land practically overflowing with Elvii of all species, genders and sizes), and the whirlwind pace helps keep the novel entertaining.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is a tongue-in-cheek, fun science fiction novel full of action, romance, adventure and irony. There are aliens, strange gadgets to get you into and out of trouble dead people who aren’t dead, and more Elvis impersonators than in Las Vegas.”


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