Rogue Sequence

It’s 2091 and independent contract companies around the world are producing genetically modified soldiers…to be sold to the highest bidders.

Ander Rade is a super-soldier, a genetically engineered living weapon, and has been dutifully following orders since he gave himself to Scythe Industries’ Gene-Mod Program several years ago. But when a mission goes sideways, he’s captured, imprisoned, and forced into brutally violent fighting pits for the better part of the next decade…until agents from the Genetic Compliance Department of the United American Provinces appear in the visitors room.

Things have changed since Rade was captured. Shortly after his incarceration, the World Unity Council banned human genetic engineering and deemed all modified individuals a threat to society. Overnight, an entire subculture of people became outlaws simply for existing. But instead of leaving Rade locked behind bars, the GCD agents have come with an offer: Freedom in exchange for his help tracking down one of his former teammates from that ill-fated mission all those years ago.

It’s an offer Rade can’t refuse, but he soon realizes the situation is far more volatile than anyone had anticipated, and must take matters into his own hands as he tries to figure out whose side he’s really on, and why?


"Topping’s military experience shines in the vivid fight scenes and his descriptions of the characters’ surroundings. It makes the action more believable and compelling. Recommended for fans of espionage thrillers, as well as military science fiction readers."


"Dazzling high-tech combat" with a "flashy, cinematic finish ... readers who prefer their action in overdrive should check this out"

Publishers Weekly

"We were due for a character like Ander Rade in military science fiction, an anti-hero whose power, depth, and complexity can carry not one but many novels."

Bullet Points

"Topping’s military experience shines in the vivid fight scenes and his descriptions of the characters’ surroundings. It makes the action more believable and compelling."

John the Librarian

"Rogue Sequence reads like a thriller and resonates like a prophecy.”

Elliot Ackerman, New York Times bestselling author of 2034

“A fast-moving thriller with plenty of action, with shades of Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon and William Gibson’s Count Zero.”

Marko Kloos, bestselling author of the Frontlines and Palladium Wars series

“A breakneck thriller set in a complex near-future of gene modification that pulls no punches, kicks, or body slams.”

Dan Moren, author of the Galactic Cold War series

"A character-driven sci-fi thriller packed with tense action, ROGUE SEQUENCE is a visceral look into an all too realistic future. Beliefs are challenged, loyalties tested, and moral boundaries pushed to their limits as the characters are thrust into a viper’s nest of corporate and political greed. The result is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled gauntlet through striking, gritty urban settings where a team of ultra-competent, unlikely allies will have to throw out the rule book—and the red tape—in order to survive."

J.S. Dewes, author of the Divide Series