Rule of Evidence (#3)

This title was initially published under John Hemry.

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John G. Hemry’s thrilling military science fiction series continues, as Lieutenant Paul Sinclair faces a terrible choice–see justice done, or protect those he cares for . . . 

At the very edge of South Asian Alliance territory, the USS Michaelson is conducting maneuvers alongside her sister ship, the USS Maury, in a show of military strength. The Michaelson’s legal officer, Lieutenant Paul Sinclair is pleased at the chance to see Lieutenant Jen Shen, who is serving aboard the Maury as an engineer. The operation is going by the numbers—until the Maury is wracked by devastating explosions and its engineering section is destroyed.  

Jen, as the sole survivor in Engineering, is suspected of negligence—or worse, sabotage—and faces court-martial. Now Paul must find out what really caused the explosions. But the more he learns, the more he faces the terrible possibility that the woman he loves may be guilty of sabotage and murder…


“One hell of a series. A humdinger. The Paul Sinclair series remains at the top of my list of Great SF Books.”

SF Reviews

“This is, in my opinion, the best of the series [...] The ethical dilemmas posed make the books interesting, and this one especially so.”

Rosboch Book Reviews

“An engrossing, page-turning story, using a combination of excellent pacing, the inherent drama of a courtroom, and a ton of realistic-feeling military detail.”


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